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Running from the 20th to the 28th of June the Croydon Heritage Festival is a chance for the people of Croydon to celebrate the town’s illustrious past, present and future. This year the festival has taken on a new guise with the theme ‘FAMOUS CROYDON’ running throughout the majority of events.

Throughout its long history Croydon has produced world figures and has been home to an array of events of both national and international importance. From its suggested beginnings as a waypoint on the Roman road from London to Portslade, to its time as a hub for the estate of the Archbishop of Canterbury and on to today, the earth beneath modern-day Croydon has seen its fair-share of both intrigue and fame.

During the festival we will celebrate all things PRESNT and FAMOUS about Croydon, from the 400 year-old Whitgift Almshouses to the iconic One Croydon building, and from Croydon Mosque to the 900 year-old St Mary’s Church. The festival will host a total of 15 open buildings. While a number of the buildings are open to the public at various times throughout the festival, others require that visitors book in advance, as spaces and times are limited. Head over to the events section to see all of our wonderful open buildings.

As well as the raft of open buildings the festival will play host to a wide variety of other PRESENT events including a car show, a group ramble or cycle, an art and photography exhibition from Trinity School, theatre productions, a summer fete and much much more.

Find out more about each of our 70-plus events on our events page, or download one of our comprehensive guides to all things Croydon Heritage Festival-related.