Our time at Croydon Heritage Festival

WF-Heritage Festival 2016

Written by Iriel Smith, Founder of Musicans4you

We are Musicans4you and we currently reside in Croydon. On Saturday 18 June, we had the opportunity to perform at the Croydon Heritage Festival, which was such an honour and privilege as we always wanted to play in our hometown.

I’ll be honest; it was quite hard to pick the right songs for the performance as Croydon is very multicultural and has a variety of different ages.

That being said, we performed four popular, energetic songs with our supporting act, Deep Vocalz opening up the stage with his talented beatboxing skills. He did a fantastic job in bringing the crowd together, and from the look on many people’s faces, it seemed like they had never heard of anything like that before.

During our performance, the crowd grew as we saw people coming from everywhere and joining us in the songs and recording us on their phones and tablets.

Thank you so much Croydon Heritage Festival for having us. We were really humbled by the experience and we hope to do it again next year.