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With so much going on throughout Croydon for the Heritage Festival, and with so much change coming to the town in the near future, it is little wonder that the Londonist has taken an interest in both the town’s history and its future. The hugely popular website has covered the 2015 Croydon Heritage Festival at some length and to add to its promotion of the town it sent broadcaster and novelist N Quentin Woolf to talk to a few of the area’s proponents, including our own Martin Corney (Chief Executive of the Whitgift Foundation) and Catherine Shirley (Head of Marketing and Communications).

The conversation took place in the auspicious setting of the Whitgift Almshouses and covered the town’s history, present and future, with input from Croydon Tours’ James Naylor and Tom Smith from the Town council. Listen to the podcast of the conversation here and watch this space, as The Londonist plans to produce another Croydon-based podcast next week (week beginning 29th of June).